Channing Tatum has stated that he is “done” with the Magic Mike film franchise.

The 21 Jump Street star made his film debut as male stripper Mike Lane in Magic Mike in 2012, and he recreated the role for the third and final time in Magic Mike’s Last Dance, which was released earlier this year.

Tatum revealed to People that he has no plans to make future installments in the successful franchise.

“I’m finished. “We did everything,” he said. “On that one, we chewed all the meat off the bone.” There is nothing else to do.”

He did, however, quip that he might return as Mike when he’s much, much older.

“‘Grumpy Old Strippers’ would be the only reason I’d come back,” Tatum joked. “Like a scene from ‘Grumpy Old Men: Septuagenarian Strippers.'”

Prior to the premiere of Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the 43-year-old claimed that achieving Mike’s muscular figure was “not natural” and that “you have to starve yourself.”

The Step Up actor highlighted the franchise earlier this week when he told Forbes that he believed the ever-changing movie industry was becoming more focused on “product” than “good storytelling.”

“We made Magic Mike 2 for $12 million, and they spent $60-$70 million to sell it,” he admitted. “So, we’re spending far more money to sell a movie than we are to make it for you.” That should be the other case. We could spend the money on something that the audience would actually see, and now it’s just a matter of who can make the greatest noise to break through the cataclysmic wave of stuff that comes out every single day.”


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