Season 3 of FXX’s Dave concluded Friday night, and it surely did so with a bang. As expected, Lil Dicky delivered star-studded appearances, as he has throughout the series.

Last night, though, was different. Lil Dicky enlisted the support of internationally recognized personalities Drake and Brad Pitt this time. Many people were taken aback by the cameo, especially when Drake and Lil Dicky hugged it out when Brad Pitt appeared on screen in the middle of a hostage situation.

The moment for Drake arrives as Dave flies to South Africa to meet with the Canadian rapper in the hopes of collaborating on a single. The two embrace and share an emotional yet humorous moment on camera, adding to the long list of MCs who have appeared alongside Lil Dicky. Given Dave’s cultural relevance in modern television, it seems only natural that they were able to snag a few Hollywood heavyweights. In the past, Lil Dicky has been able to secure amusing cameos from Rick Ross, Young Thug, and Gunna. The addition of Drake and Brad Pitt, on the other hand, demonstrates how far the program has come since its inception.

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Lil Dicky, How Did You Get Drake On Dave?

Drake, according to Lil Dicky, is a major fan of the program, as is Brad Pitt, according to Rolling Stone. “A guy like Brad Pitt isn’t going to get into a show he doesn’t believe is one of the best.” Because I’ve got this program out there, it’s a lot simpler for a man like Brad to believe in it. “I didn’t have to move mountains to get Brad Pitt on the show,” he explained. “I just knew Brad Pitt was a big fan of the show.” And I was familiar with Drake. When I first met Drake, he informed me that our event was one of the most important of our generation.”

In another interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he stated that Drake’s cameo went through multiple variations. “There was a lot of back and forth about how to play it. We even shot multiple versions of that ending with Drake, with us saying, ‘Oh, he’s dead,’ and then saying, ‘No, he’s living.’ “We had every iteration available to us, but I chose to keep it slightly ambiguous,” he explained. “As a viewer, if you look closely as the paramedics rush in, you can see Brad’s hand go up and begin to give the thumbs up.” So I take that as proof that Brad will live on.”


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