Ludacris has revealed an unexpected fact about one of his best singles. The rapper recently appeared on Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s podcast All The Smoke.

There, Ludacris made an unexpected revelation about one of his chart-topping singles. Despite his stellar career, he admitted that the 2000 song “Southern Hospitality” caught him off guard. It was apparently made as a last-minute project to finish an album.

Luda revealed that the single was created at the last minute in order to update his independent album, Incognegro. Back For the First Time was his major label debut. He praised Pharrell and Chad, dubbed “The Neptunes,” for their ability to deliver a hit even at the last minute. Luda then considered the creative process. The rapper-turned-actor revealed that when he initially heard the music, he felt it was cool. He did not, however, foresee the song’s enormous success. “I had no idea it was such a big hit,” Luda admitted.

Luda Explains Why He Isn’t Credited As a Lyricist

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Ludacris recalled sitting in his car in the studio parking lot, scribbling lyrics to the instrumental freshly whipped up by Pharrell and Chad. Although he thought it was good, he stated that those around him thought it had the potential to be a great hit. Ludacris also discussed why some people don’t seem to recognize him as a lyricist.

“JAY-Z was one of the ones who said, you know, he don’t think I get the lyrical credit that I deserve because of the visuals,” Luda explained. “People ask me, ‘Why don’t you take credit?'”‘Because I played way too much goddamned time!’ And it wouldn’t be any other way for me. That’s why my name is Ludacris: it’s beyond crazy, wild, and ludicrous.” Regardless, Luda has had a larger-than-life career and incredible success. What are your thoughts on the interview’s fresh revelations? Check it out above and let us know what you think in the comments!


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