The official Amazon Prime UK Twitter account made a not-so-subtle dig at Netflix as the streaming provider known for programs like Bridgerton and Squid Game implemented password sharing limitations.

The day that thousands Netflix freeloaders had been dreading arrived this week, as the streaming giant slammed its enormous fists down on anyone who watched its material by sponging off someone else’s subscription.

The crackdown began in Latin America before spreading to Portugal and Spain, and after months of warning, viewers in the United States and United Kingdom are no longer safe.

An email will be sent to an account holder if they are suspected of sharing their password with someone who do not live in their immediate household.

The email advises the account holder to amend their data if they are unaware that others are using their account, to ‘transfer a profile’ to a new membership, or to ‘purchase an extra member’ for an additional $7.99 per month.

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The golden days of many TV and film enthusiasts being able to have a good old-fashioned Netflix and chill on the same account are long gone, much to the chagrin of all the siblings, pals, and exes.

Countless people have expressed their unhappiness about Netflix’s crackdown on social media, and in the midst of the uproar, competitors Amazon Prime Video UK have been spotted poking fun at their rival in a cruel tweet.

In March 2017, the official Netflix Twitter account tweeted something it presumably regrets: “Love is sharing a password.”

Amazon Prime Video used an altered version of its profile interface to quote the original Netflix tweet. The ‘who’s watching?’ question is still at the top of the image, but instead of names beneath each profile, there’s a statement directed at Netflix that reads: “Everyone who has our password,” with a love heart emoji beneath the sixth profile.

While we wait to see if Netflix responds, social media users are losing it at Amazon Prime’s shots.

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“Amazon clapped Netflix so damn hard lol,” one Twitter user said in response to Amazon Prime Video’s tweet.

“RIP Netflix,” another user tweeted.

A third social media user stated, “Damn, whoever manages this account is a savage for this hahahahaha.”

“Damn y’all clapped back,” a fourth wrote. “I adore it!”

A fifth person said, “OMG, the shade.”


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