R Kelly has been dubbed “the king of R&B” by Timbaland.

R Kelly was sentenced to 31 years in jail on sex trafficking charges after his misdeeds were revealed in the Lifetime series Surviving R Kelly.

Timbaland recently told Club Shay Shay podcast host Shannon Sharpe that, despite R Kelly’s history as a sex trafficker, the 51-year-old producer thought Kelly was still the finest in his genre.

“R Kelly is the R&B king.” “We’ve all heard of him,” Timbaland (actual name Timothy Zachery Mosley) said. “And it’s funny… when you say R Kelly, everyone jumps.” So we’re just going to ignore the music he gave us, which we all jam to?”

The producer, who has worked with Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, and other artists, also advised podcast listeners to separate art from the artist.

“His art is his art; I’m not going to criticize the man’s art,” he explained. “Don’t combine music and personal matters… Do not introduce drama into music. “Please leave that outside.”

R Kelly was barred from accessing or creating YouTube channels in 2021, and the Google-owned platform also deactivated his prior channels RKellyVevo and RKellyTV. His tunes, however, are still available on Spotify and Apple Music.


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