Foxconn, an Apple supplier, is actively seeking more employees for the world’s largest iPhone production in anticipation of the release of a new model.

Foxconn has announced that, after 90 days of employment, new hires at its Zhengzhou, China facility will be eligible for bonuses of up to 3,000 yuan ($424; £343).

It also states that current employees are eligible for an incentive if they successfully refer a friend or family member.

The release of the iPhone 15 is widely anticipated for September.

According to a message published by the BBC on the famous Chinese messaging app WeChat, Foxconn staff will now receive 500 yuan if the referred recruit stays at the company for a month.

It’s the most recent effort by the iPhone City’s parent company in Taiwan to better the lives of the people who work there.

When the BBC asked for comment, a Foxconn representative declined.

As demand decreases, iPhone manufacturer expects revenue decline.
There’s a catch: the first iPhone sells for $63,000.
Hundreds of employees demonstrated at the Zhengzhou facility last year, complaining about Covid restrictions and unpaid wages.

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Videos showing individuals leaping a barrier outside the Foxconn facility after it was sealed down in October due to a coronavirus epidemic circulated online at the time.

After Chinese authorities shut down an area of Zhengzhou, where iPhone City is located, Apple warned in November that shipments of the iPhone 14 might be delayed.

The iPhone manufacturer then used the prospect of increased bonuses to attract new employees.

The BBC was told by an anonymous worker that they had been confined without food and that their contracts had been altered so that they “could not get the subsidy promised.”

Foxconn responded that “a technical error occurred during the onboarding process,” and that new hires would be paid “the same as agreed (in the) official recruitment posters.”

More than 200,000 people are employed in the Zhengzhou plant to produce Apple products like the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.


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