Kanye West stands to gain from a cool $140 million or so possible payoff with Adidas unloading north of $1.3 billion in leftover Yeezy inventory.

Adidas, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, announced earlier this month that it would sell an estimated $1.3 billion worth of already-manufactured Yeezy shoes, donating a “significant amount” of the proceeds “to selected organizations working to combat discrimination and hate, including racism and antisemitism.”

Kanye West, on the other hand, stands to benefit from the sale. According to Bloomberg, the 45-year-old (who is still mired in a multimillion-dollar legal battle with Gap) is owed an 11 percent cut of each Yeezy product sold, which means Adidas could pay him about $143 million from the aforementioned $1.3 billion in unsold inventory.

Needless to say, West’s final Adidas payout emphasizes the popularity of the Yeezy brand and the enormous value that the collaboration provided to him, who has slid off Forbes’ list of “Richest Celebrities.” (Of course, Adidas profited handsomely from the deal as well, and executives are now dealing with a plummeting stock price and class-action lawsuits from irritated investors.)

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To that end, a federal judge earlier Thursday overturned a 2022 court ruling that had frozen Yeezy bank accounts totaling $75 million. According to recently unsealed court documents published by Law360, the injunction was the outcome of an ongoing legal action started by Adidas in November of 2022.

Adidas has tried to prohibit West from draining the accounts in question – Adidas argues that it is entitled to the money – while the parties concerned settle their professional dispute. However, according to Billboard, a federal judge, who had previously approved the freeze on an ex parte basis, formally revoked the banking halt because “‘Adidas’s failure to file a motion to confirm nullifies the attachment order.'”

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Nonetheless, Adidas will argue during the arbitration process that it is the rightful owner of the capital, and the presiding court, according to the same publication, has left the door open for additional demands to freeze Yeezy accounts and assets.

Kanye West (who is no longer active on Twitter or Instagram) does not appear to have publicly remarked on the possible $143 million windfall or the order unfreezing the accounts at the time of writing. Adidas’ website, which has long been chastised for the salaries it pays its workers, indicates that numerous varieties of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 are set to go on sale on Wednesday for $230 per pair.


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