Today, Sir Elton John was a guest on Scott Mills’ Radio 2 show, where he discussed his upcoming headline performance at Glastonbury, his current tour, his plans for the future, and his collaboration with Dolly Parton.

Scott: So, you’ll be performing as the Sunday night headliner on the Glastonbury Pyramid stage this year… I find it hard to believe you’ve never given it a try.
Elton: That’s the first time anyone’s ever asked me to… It’s perfect timing, and because I put a lot of stock in coincidence and fate, this is the best possible way to say goodbye to England. I have visitors, but I can’t reveal their identities just yet.

Scott: Please explain the significance of the farewell tour.
Elton: It was better than I could have imagined… It has exceeded my wildest expectations in every way. I simply float off the stage and into the void.

Scott: You claimed to feel the most at ease on stage than you ever have?
Elton: Everything in my life is so great right now; my personal life, my work life, everything. That’s probably why I enjoy the performances so much.

Scott: If the tour ended today, do you think you’d miss it?
The answer is “no” if you ask Elton.

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Scott: When the tour is over, what is your ideal way of life?
Elton: Everything’s a crapshoot right now. Away to school, lads… The piano is here to stay… I really don’t want to go on tour again, so it’ll be infrequent. The next time you see me, Vegas is out.

Scott: You worked on Dolly Parton’s new record together, right?
Elton: This is correct, of course.


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