Netflix’s recent efforts to curb password sharing have generated significant backlash on the internet.

However, it is not only the customers of the streaming giant who are expressing their dissatisfaction. Even brands such as Prime Video are criticizing Netflix’s recent policy.

Blockbuster, a formerly operational video rental store, resurfaced solely for the purpose of ridiculing the aforementioned platform on the social media platform Twitter.

The phenomenon of corporate trolling can be traced back to a tweet initially disseminated by Netflix in 2017.

Ironically, the phrase “Love is sharing” was displayed, and numerous individuals utilized the preceding post to mock the streaming corporation.

On May 25th, Prime Video shared a humorous video of their login screen while retweeting the aforementioned post, thereby joining in on the jesting directed towards the streaming service.

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In addition to the conventional “Who’s watching” label, the usernames explicitly spelled out “Everyone Who Has Our Password” accompanied by a heart symbol.

The advertising campaign featuring a confrontational tone has garnered significant attention on the internet, as evidenced by the Prime Video tweet’s viewership of over 44 million users.

The comment has garnered significant attention on Twitter, with over 92,700 retweets and various responses from Twitter users and brands, including the now-defunct Blockbuster video rental store.

Despite its well-known catchphrase “be kind, reward,” the establishment expressed negative sentiments towards Netflix upon its return.

In 2016, despite the closure of UK branches over seven years prior, the unofficial account of the store made a decision to comment on Netflix’s newly implemented policy regarding password-sharing.

The streaming site was tagged by Blockbuster, who wrote a pointed message stating: “It is worth noting that during the time when you rented videos from our establishment.” The sharing recipients were not a matter of concern to us. Provided that the item is returned within the stipulated time frame, it would be deemed acceptable. This is in reference to the communication directed at Netflix.

The vehement reaction has been well-received by cinema enthusiasts, garnering widespread attention through Prime Video’s tweet and amassing over 18 million views.

The Blockbuster’s post has garnered a response from movie enthusiasts who have expressed their desire for the store’s resurgence.

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A previous user expressed their longing for the return of the individual by stating, “We yearn for your presence and kindly request that you return to us.”

Consensus was reached among other individuals, as a few users expressed their nostalgia for the option to rent games from physical stores, particularly given the increasing expenses associated with recent game releases.

The act of renting games is something that I miss. It is possible that your organization could still generate revenue from that endeavor. As a parent, I find it frustrating to purchase games for my children only to discover that they do not enjoy or utilize them. As one user tagged Blockbuster, they expressed that renting provided a superior means of assessing one’s level of interest in a game prior to purchasing it.

In the interim, additional remarks alluded to vintage motion pictures as they recollected the sentimental establishment.

Another statement was expressed as follows: “I long for the days that have passed.” Is it possible to activate the DeLorean and travel to a more favorable era?

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