Idris Elba would be the first person you’d hope to see if your plane was hijacked, wouldn’t you?

He’s played action heroes, hard-as-nails detectives, and a guy who punches a lion in the face – and now, in the Apple TV+ thriller series Hijack (following in the footsteps of the similarly one-word, very literally-named, airborne movie Plane), he plays Sam Nelson, an accomplished negotiator who steps up in a time of crisis, hoping to get him and 200 other flight passengers home safely. The show’s trailer was released today, and you can watch it below:

With armed attackers swarming the plane, police on the ground dealing with demands and attempting to figure out what’s going on, and Elba’s Sam striving to keep those around him calm, the octane appears to be running high in this one. Hijack appears to be pursuing the 24 approach, and delivering its tale in real time, since it is divided into seven segments and documents a seven-hour trip to London. Other cast members include Archie Panjabi as a counter-terrorism officer participating in the investigation, Eve Myles, Max Beesley, Neil Maskell, and others. Fasten your seatbelts, everyone; it appears that we’re in for some turbulence.

The first two episodes of Hijack will be available on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, June 28th, with new episodes released weekly after that.


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