Fetty Wap entered a guilty plea in August of 2022 with regards to charges of drug smuggling at the federal level.

In October 2021, he was apprehended and accused of participating in a large-scale smuggling operation in New York. The possibility of a court trial was circumvented as the legal representatives of Wap engaged in negotiations with the prosecutors regarding a plea agreement. Subsequent to Wap’s initial plea of not guilty, this event occurred.

The charges against Wap were subject to a mandatory minimum sentence of five years. However, due to the significant degree of Wap’s involvement, there was conjecture that prosecutors might advocate for a more severe sentence, notwithstanding the plea agreement. In the interim, legal representatives of the rapper endeavored to portray a more compassionate portrayal, affirming that Wap’s participation was a consequence of his overarching monetary challenges. According to their statement, the individual’s motivation was not driven by personal gain. Instead, his motivation stemmed from his dedication to providing financial assistance to others. The individual has come to the realization that it is not necessary for them to bear the burden of the world’s problems alone. According to a recent report, prosecutors utilized Wap’s 2014 chart-topping single “Trap Queen” as evidence to bolster a more severe sentencing decision.

Fetty Wap has been sentenced to a term of six years.

The duration of Fetty Wap’s incarceration has been disclosed, as initially disclosed by The New York Times. The presiding judge arrived at a decision to impose a six-year sentence, which was deemed a middle ground between the mandatory minimum of five years and the prosecution’s request for a sentence of seven years and three months. The prosecutors advocated for a more severe sentence as a means of refuting Wap’s legal contentions. According to the statement provided by the defendant to the Probation Department, he reported earning a total of $5 million throughout his music career. However, the accused made a conscious decision to augment his earnings by engaging in the distribution of substantial amounts of narcotics, fully aware of the detrimental impact it would have on individuals’ lives.

The location where Wap will serve his sentence remains undisclosed, however, it is probable that he will be incarcerated at a correctional facility situated within the confines of New York City or the broader New York state. In light of the prescribed minimum sentence of five years, Wap’s eligibility for parole will not arise until the year 2028.


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