Worryingly, one of ChatGPT’s founders has argued that AI poses a ‘existential risk’ to humans and that global legislation is required to avoid a technological collapse.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, recently published a blog post outlining the risks of adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how he believes it will help people live in a “much better world.”

He claimed in the piece that within the next ten years, ‘AI systems would approach expert skill level in most fields’ and might be as productive as huge corporations with a stacked workforce.

As a result, the AI tools have the potential to evolve into’superintelligence,’ and if you’ve watched Will Smith’s I, Robot, we don’t need to say anything else.

Mr Altman also argued in the blog post that it would be ‘unintuitively dangerous’ to’stop the creation of superintelligence’ at this early point in AI development.

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“The upsides are so tremendous,” the CEO reasoned, “the cost to build it decreases each year, the number of actors building it is rapidly increasing, and it’s inherently part of the technological path we’re on.”

“Stopping it would require something like a global surveillance regime,” he continued. “And even that isn’t guaranteed to work.”

While Altman believes ChatGPT and other AI tools will contribute to a ‘astonishing’ surge in activity, he also believes governments must regulate them in order to avert a technological Armageddon.

“Given the possibility of existential risk, we can’t just be reactive,” he wrote.

“Any effort above a certain capability threshold will need to be subject to an international authority that can inspect systems, require audits, test for compliance with safety standards, and place restrictions on degrees of deployment and levels of security.”

ChatGPT was released in November 2022, and hundreds of TikTok producers have since created content that has been compared to an episode of Black Mirror.

A video titled ‘Letting ChatGPT dominate a college day in my life’ has received over 700,000 likes and thousands of comments.

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In the video, the AI gives the developer a gym workout, informs her what kind of smoothie to drink, and basically runs her day.

Many viewers are divided on whether ChatGPT can improve their life.

“I feel like this would be so good for my ADHD,” one TikTok user remarked. “I’m going to give it a shot.”

“In case of apocalypse, remember to say please and thank you so you’ll be spared,” said another.

“I can’t explain how dangerous and terrifying this is for the human race,” said a third. And people are going to start doing it everywhere.”


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