Christian Glass’s family is expected to get a record $19 million award after their beloved son was shot dead by police in Colorado.

Glass’ life ended abruptly in June 2022, when his car became stranded on a muddy road late at night while travelling in Silver Plume.

When the 22-year-old dialed 911 for assistance, officers from Georgetown and Idaho Springs, as well as Clear Creek County Sheriff’s deputies, were dispatched to the location.

Glass is reported to have been in a mental health crisis at the time, and told the dispatcher he had two knives, a hammer, and a rubber mallet in his car – equipment his family’s lawyer later explained were related to his geology hobby.

Officers informed Glass he needed to come out of the car, but he resisted, claiming he was afraid.

Officers eventually shattered a glass to try to get Glass out of the car, and he grabbed one of the knives.

Officers tasered him, and Glass began swinging the knife aggressively towards one of the officers, at which point he was shot and killed.

A grand jury later determined that the officer was never in imminent risk of being stabbed.

Glass was shot five times, and his parents claim nothing that transpired after police came should have happened.

Lawyers for the Glass family revealed today in a news release that they had reached an agreement to resolve all of the claims they’d filed following their son’s murder for a record $19 million (£15.2m).

The money will be paid by Clear Creek County, the State of Colorado, the Town of Georgetown, and the City of Idaho Springs, and it will be the highest payout in state history following the $15 million (£12 million) settlement for Elijah McClain’s death in 2021.

“The size of the settlement reflects the immense wrong and injustice committed by the officers who killed Christian, whose death has broken his family and left an immeasurable void,” lawyers for the Glass family explained.

In addition to the $19 million, the family and the authorities have agreed that Clear Creek County would dedicate a public park to Glass, and that the county will develop a specialized crisis response team and educate and certify all of its patrol officers in crisis intervention.

Colorado State University has also agreed to create a virtual reality (VR) training scenario based on Glass’ murder that will demonstrate how to de-escalate a high-stress situation.

The Clear Creek County Sheriff has expressed regret for Glass’ death.


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