“Gratefulboy Nue,” alias Nueskii, is a “musical artist,” according to Google. While Nueskii does have a few songs out, it is not what he is best known for.

A simple search yields a TikTok with 203,000 followers that was founded in August 2022. Nueskii posts videos of himself attempting to pick up women on this site. The account also contains a link to a YouTube channel with 10,000 subscribers, which features prank films in addition to the pickup artist stuff.

The pickup artist content maker is a throwback to the 2010s, when males posting this type of content were plentiful. The trend, though, found fresh life on TikTok. While Nueskii’s content is basic for the genre, despite his success, one of his most recent videos has gone viral owing to the woman included.

Bianca Censori Makes an Appearance in a Neuskii Video

Nueskii shared a video with the title “Yea Married To Kanye” on May 19. The 26-second video, which appears to have been shot in a mall, appears to depict Bianca Censori, Ye’s current wife. The video is very dull, except for Neuskii’s fantastic pickup line, “Yeah you’re sexy yo” (guys, take heed). The two exchange information about their origins. Bianca says she’s from Los Angeles, and Nueskii says he’s from Chicago. Bianca inquires as to what Nueskii is up to, mentioning a “pair of shorts” she wishes to examine. As Bianca’s phone rings, Nueskii says, “Yeah,” disinterestedly, before asking, “Can I get your number?” Just before the video finishes, Bianca chuckles pleasantly and responds, “I’m marrieeeed.”

As previously said, the footage is only noteworthy because of who Nueskii encounters. People in the video’s comments, on the other hand, are persuaded that there is more to the film. They draw this judgment based on how “friendly” Bianca appears in the video. To begin with, some people are just inherently friendly. Furthermore, the burden of personal public safety falls disproportionately on women. Acting calmly and friendly when a male stranger shoves a phone in your face and starts hitting on you is a common strategy for women to guarantee that the situation does not go further. A cigar is sometimes just a cigar, and a pickup artist pestering a famous person is sometimes just a pickup artist harassing a famous person.


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