Don’t miss Gotta Have Rock and Roll’s (GHRR) first art auction, which will feature an incredible collection. GHRR is known for curating hip-hop, rock & roll, and pop-culture memorabilia collections.

However, this auction will include their wonderful artwork. Works by notable artists such as Haring, Warhol, Picasso, Basquiat, Banksy, and Koons will be on display. The original album cover artwork for the Rolling Stones’ “It’s Only Rock and Roll,” produced by Guy Peelart, will pique the interest of music and art fans.

In his first book, “Rock Dreams,” Peellaert first mentions the Rolling Stones. Peelaert attracted the Rolling Stones’ interest since the book portrays them in a less than favorable manner. Despite this, the Rolling Stones commissioned him to create the album artwork for their most recent release, “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll” (IORR). The five members of IORR are shown descending a lengthy stairway surrounded by “fans” on the album cover.

Peellaert was a painter, illustrator, graphic artist, and photographer who experimented freely. Peelaert’s art added a gloomy element to the Pop Art movement by utilizing several mediums. Elle magazine dubbed him “the Michelangelo of Pop” in 1974, a testament to his influential and collectible art, which is still in high demand today.

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Although not a science, the artistic methodology for the IORR album cover followed a well-defined procedure that began with photographic material. Peellaert gathered thousands of shots of rock stars’ and celebrities’ faces, body parts, backgrounds, objects, and other items of possible appeal in response to the requirement for photos. This would eventually expand into a massive archive. Peelaert began preparing the final artwork by sketching a rough drawing of the future composition, comparable to storyboarding a one-image movie. Peelaert painted the backdrops and sets after outlining the design.

Peellaert spent a significant amount of time studying images for his artwork. He and his crew would dig through their archived materials, gathering new photographs to serve as the foundation for his compositions. Peellaert drew heavily on periodicals and books he had gathered throughout the Pop Art era for inspiration. He would also collect images from photo agencies and take his own photos with a Polaroid camera. Peellaert, like many other artists of the day, took photographs of individuals he knew, himself, and even strangers to add to his enormous collection.

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A photomontage as elaborate as the “It’s Only Rock and Roll” album cover here necessitates careful consideration of numerous elements. Guy Peelaert, a Belgian artist noted for his pioneering work in the genre, employs a unique approach that involves replacing his subjects’ heads with those of other people, a procedure that requires exact scaling to create a unified final product. Peelaert prints the composition onto a particular type of photo paper after assembling the various layers of the photomontage, improving the intensity and impact of the colors employed. As a result, the work of art is both visually attractive and original, as well as thought-provoking.

This record cover has an interesting past, and you can now bid on the original artwork, which is one-of-a-kind. Fans of the Rolling Stones understand the significance of this album and its iconic cover in the band’s career. The minimum bid is $100,000, and it is expected to sell for more than $200,000. is hosting a live auction.


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