AI is the most talked-about tech topic right now. The debate is passionate, whether it is about music, art, or writing. While AI has many supporters, it also has many skeptics.

Anti-AI proponents say that AI works are made by combining the efforts of others, practically all of whom did not consent to their work being utilized in this way. Furthermore, if an AI can replicate someone’s voice, there are worries about copyright and slander.

People in the music industry are divided on whether AI-generated music is a blessing or a curse. While performers like JoJo are enthusiastic about embracing technology, industry giants like Ice Cube are not.”That’s fucked up, bruh,” the champ exclaimed as he heard Biggie rap 50’s hook and 2Pac spit his opening verse, before adding, “Woah.” However, this hasn’t stopped users from using AI to create works by artists both dead and alive.

Mike Tyson Is Astounded By AI Track

Tony Yayo, a rapper and former G-Unit member, appeared on Mike Tyson’s podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike. They talked on a variety of topics, including the shooting of Yayo’s close buddy 50 Cent. They did, however, bring up the subject of AI art.”Let me tell you how bad computers are getting. “Have you heard of AI music?” Yayo posed the question to Tyson and his co-host DJ Whoo Kid. “Do me a favor: play ‘Many Men’ by 50 Cent, 2Pac, and Biggie.” The AI-generated song, while not an exact replica of the three legendary rappers, surprised the studio.

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“That’s fucked up, bruh,” Tyson said before adding simply, “Woah.” On the track, Whoo also offered a similar sentiment. “Yo! This is insane! This is completely ridiculous. That makes no logic at all.” While Yayo was impressed by the track, it demonstrates the power of AI in resurrecting deceased artists. However, this raises concerns as the industry considers whether those artists, their memories, and their legacies should be left alone. What are your thoughts on the rise of AI music? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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