Ice Cube made a recent guest on Logan Paul’s Impulsive podcast. Paul pushed him to mention known adversary Suge Knight throughout the interview.

The musician was not interested in delving too deeply into the subject of Knight, although he did offer “one of the funniest stories” he had heard about him.

“Isn’t Suge a little unhinged?” Paul remarked during his appearance. The artist responded, saying, “I don’t know.” Paul then mentioned hearing Knight “ran over someone, twice.” Again, Ice Cube said, “I don’t know about that.” Ice Cube then revealed “one of the funniest stories [he] heard” about the now-incarcerated boss. “Suge had an entire apartment full of producers,” he explained. “I guess they weren’t coming up with the right songs,” the rapper concluded. And he brought them all together and said, ‘Look, either y’all start generating hits, or I’m going to start producing hits.'”

Ice Cube Discusses Suge Knight

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The rapper was also recently praised on the Paul brothers’ show. During his visit to Impaulsive, comedian Kevin Hart discussed his friendship with the rapper. “Cube might be one of the most genuine, kind spirits you’ll ever meet,” he said. “He wants nothing but the best for other people,” Hart continued. He enjoys seeing those around him thrive since he has such a brilliant mind.” “That’s all he does,” the comic alleges, adding, “he loves the foundation of creativity.” Ice Cube is described by Hart as “one of the most professional people [he’s] worked with on set.”

Ice Cube described the status of America earlier this year as “uneasy.” In an interview with Maria Bartiromo of Wall Street Journal, he stated that the purpose of his basketball league, BIG3, is to leave towns “a little better than [they] found them.” “Everyone has to do their part,” he added. This year, the BIG3 will be traveling from city to city.” “Everybody’s got to look in the mirror and say, ‘What can I do to make things better?'” the rapper concluded.


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