Radiant, proudly presents Sly and Galen, two exceptional leaders in the music industry who grew up together in Florida. From their early years, Sly and Galen formed a strong bond over their shared passion for music, and their journey is a testament to their talent, dedication, and friendship.

His moniker in the music industry is Sly Pyper. He has authored and created content for distinguished individuals within his professional domain. At the time, Sly contributed to the promotion and exposure of emerging musical talents, including but not limited to Sean Kingston, Anderson Paak, and Jaheim. Due to his exceptional talent on the saxophone during his childhood, there was a belief that he had the potential to become a renowned jazz musician on a global scale.

Sly Pyper Jordan Discography

  • Kendrick Lamar (4x Platinum around the world) (Hit #1 on Billboard Charts, Grammy Nominated) – The Recipe
  • Eminem (Grammy Award Winner Album and Billboard Music Award Top 200 Album and Top Rap Album) – Not Afraid

Sly’s Jazz background helped him secure a position with  Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment in 2006. Today, he holds the position of a staff writer/producer. In 2012 Dr. Dre offered Galen some guidance regarding the rebranding of his record label to better reflect the rapid expansion of the music, media, and technology industries.

Sly and Galen combined their skills and embarked on a journey to make a mark in the industry all around.

“I have been blessed to finally reunite with my Radiant brothers and sisters and am looking forward to how through frequency we will change the world. The best is yet to come.” – Sly

Kycker Transformed: Unveiling the Radiant CTF Brand

Formerly recognized as Kycker, the organization has now transitioned to Radiant CTF. An artist development platform that originated in the UK but is now located in the US. Playing a crucial role as a partner. The platform has effectively recruited more than 4,000 artists worldwide, enabling them to publish and circulate their music on a global level. Based on scientific research, music is regarded as the most refined manifestation of frequency. Research has shown that music with particular frequencies has a significant effect on the brain and general health. With Sly having his first digital artist on the Radiant CTF, Sly and Galen’s vision is to streamline the process of integrating a significant number of independent artists onto the platform.

“There are many other frequencies on the solfeggio scale that are able to be utilized that will have a different effect no matter if you like the music or not the frequency of the music itself will have healing properties.”

Beyond their musical achievements, their journey is a testament to the power of passion, and shared dreams, inspiring aspiring musicians, music enthusiasts, and businessmen in the industry such as Prophecy Onasis and Ted Joseph.

Prophecy Onasis & Ted Joseph

Prophecy Onasis CEO & Founder of Radiant has a notable track record of achievements in the fields of technology, music, and music production. Meanwhile, Ted Joseph the President of Radiant, is recognized as a dynamic and driven leader who possesses an entrepreneurial mindset and exceptional corporate culture skills.

Galen states “Our relationship with Prophecy grew very fast, like a brother from another dimension, and have been building ever since. He’s opened up his team to us and were so grateful, it’s gratifying to have such good people and energies.”

Ted Joseph, a native of Detroit, held various executive roles throughout his career. Notably, he served as the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Warner Bros. and as the President of Odds On Records, an independent record label during the late 2000s.

Their combined expertise and abilities have garnered the attention and interest of other accomplished artists and thriving enterprises, operating on a distinct wavelength. The shared ardor and devotion that Sly and Galen possess for their work served as a unifying force. Following their musical acquaintance, the introduction of Radiant and Kycker offered explosive opportunities that paved the way for the conception of a high-energy partnership.

With Sly being a full-time artist himself, because of the Kycker platform & Radiant’s Tele platform, they will be releasing several albums there in the near future.

“I intend to evolve into my Berry Gordy part of my involvement with the music industry. Yes, I am entertaining the element of artistry right now especially since i’m able to be a digital artist. But I have more of a passion for behind the scenes.” – Sly

“My interests and passions has been more about writing and producing a song that can help an artist catapult in to what their passion is.” – Sly

Radiant CTF Venture Brand House

Galen Graham assumes the role of Director of Operations at the newly established Radiant CTF Venture Brand House in Miami. As the lead writer and producer, Sly Pyper will not only contribute his own artistic abilities but also bring his production team on board to generate exceptional content of superior quality.

Radiant CTF Brand House, formerly known as the HBO Studio of Miami, is an expansive facility spanning 100,000 square feet. It encompasses a state-of-the-art video production area covering 20,000 square feet and is equipped with two top-tier audio recording studios.

“With Radiant CTF Venture Brand House in Miami and Radiant Media being prominent leaders in the field of OTT streaming content with a global presence we plan to bring a lot of different streaming content to the table with the new facility” -Galen

Sly states, to have the intent that they not only inject messages and what it is they do but to also make sure that the frequencies are healing, and that is one of the key components.

Radiant is brimming with excitement and an overwhelming sense of pride for what the future holds as we continue to trailblaze through the industry. We stand at the forefront, ready to push boundaries, innovate, and make a lasting impact. Our unwavering passion and dedication fuel our journey toward success, and we are confident that the path ahead will be filled with new opportunities, groundbreaking advancements, and remarkable achievements.

“We feel the frequency, we work on frequency.” – Sly

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