Kanye West’s Donda 2 has been available on the STEM Player for almost a year. Still, we haven’t seen any evidence that it will be available on streaming services.

The project is still Ye’s most difficult to access body of work. However, much of the material is available on channels such as YouTube and Soundcloud. Furthermore, a number of leaks from the Donda 2 sessions have surfaced online in various forms. Some of these records were finished, but others were not.

In recent months, the song “Maintenance” has appeared in numerous formats. However, a new version of the song featuring Future leaked on reddit this morning. According to leaks, this is the “finished version” of the song, in which Ye and Future offer to bankroll a young lady’s lavish lifestyle. An earlier version of the song was leaked in February, although it was only a 10-second clip. It’s unknown whether or not this song will be released officially.

Leaks of Kanye West and Future’s Collaboration

At this point, it is unlikely that Kanye West will release a new project anytime soon. The last several months of his career have been primarily marred by controversy. As a result, corporations such as Adidas, Gap, and Kano Technology, the creators of the Stem Player, severed ties. However, there have been encouraging indicators that he may be releasing a few records shortly. In April, Fivio Foreign teased a new song with his “City Of Gods” collaborator. So, perhaps, that will see the light of day soon.

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Otherwise, Kanye appears to be pressing forward with the Yeezy brand, with or without the support of a major firm. Ye held Yeezy Season 10 in Los Angeles earlier this month. This, too, became a cause of contention. Kano Technology called out Ye for reportedly employing Nazi imagery in his latest apparel collection, a year after the release of his “White Lives Matter” t-shirts. Ye has not answered and is unlikely to do so. Nonetheless, it appears that he hasn’t changed his ways since his anti-Semitic outburst in late 2022. Unfortunately, we can’t disclose the “Maintenance” leak here, but it’s doing the rounds on social media right now.


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