During the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, Johnny Depp asserted that he is self-sufficient and does not require the support of Hollywood anymore, while promoting his latest film, Jeanne du Barry.

The 59-year-old performer made a public appearance on Tuesday evening at the premiere of a French film, which inaugurated the current edition of the festival.

During the press conference held on Wednesday morning for the film, Depp was queried about his sentiments regarding being “boycotted” by Hollywood following two widely-publicized trials concerning accusations of domestic violence made by his former spouse, Amber Heard.

The individual responded by stating that one would need to lack a pulse in order to perceive the situation as a mere peculiar jest. When an individual is requested to step down from a film project due to a matter that is solely comprised of phonetic sounds and letters that are intangible in nature…

Following his removal from the Fantastic Beasts franchise subsequent to his unfavorable verdict in the United Kingdom in 2020, Depp expressed his indifference towards Hollywood.

Am I currently experiencing the effects of a boycott? Negative, there is no correlation. However, I do not perceive myself as being subjected to a boycott as I do not actively contemplate the workings of Hollywood. With a smile, he confidently expressed his lack of necessity for Hollywood and inquired about the other person’s perspective.

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During the press conference, the actor acknowledged the controversies surrounding him and the portrayal of his image in the media.

The individual asserted that a significant portion of the content that readers have encountered over the past five to six years pertaining to their life is composed of poorly crafted fictional narratives.

The purpose of our discussion is to focus on the film at hand. This is akin to posing the inquiry, “In what manner are you faring?” in an academic context. The implicit message conveyed is a strong negative sentiment towards the recipient, possibly indicating animosity or disdain. This can be categorized as a media-related matter.

According to reports, Depp’s tardiness of 45 minutes to the press conference did not detract from the enthusiastic reception he received during the seven-minute standing ovation following the premiere of Jeanne du Barry on Tuesday.

The individual known for their role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been absent from Hollywood productions subsequent to a legal case in which they were unsuccessful in a libel lawsuit against The Sun in the United Kingdom. The presiding judge determined that the allegations of domestic violence made by Heard were significantly accurate.

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In a distinct legal proceeding conducted in the United States during the previous year, a panel of jurors determined that Ms. Heard had committed an act of defamation against Mr. Depp. This was due to her portrayal of herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse” in an op-ed published in 2018.


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