Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and others from the Fast & Furious franchise made a promotional stop in Rome right before the weekend.

When asked about the franchise’s future by Fandango’s Nan Perez, Diesel hinted that we might see one more extra feature in addition to the two-parter that was originally slated to wrap things up.

Yes, as most people are aware, Fast X is the first of two films that will (supposedly) conclude the main Fast tale.

But, in response to Perez’s query, Diesel hinted that we might be getting a third film in addition to the two already planned. “As filmmakers, you want to allow people to enjoy the film without tipping your hat too much,” he explained. “I’ll say this. The studio had inquired if this might be a two-parter before beginning production. And after seeing Part One, the studio said, “Could you make Fast X, the finale, a trilogy?”

Watch the entire video below…

Diesel, of course, doesn’t have the last say, despite his big presence as producer and star, and we’d wait till the initial box office returns for Fast X are in before guessing, but you just know Universal would love to wring more out of its most lucrative franchise.


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