The upcoming film ‘Flight Risk’ has been announced to be directed by Mel Gibson.

The upcoming project will mark the return of the 67-year-old luminary to the directorial realm, following a hiatus since the release of the 2016 film ‘Hacksaw Ridge’. The film will star Mark Wahlberg.

The cinematic production features Mark Wahlberg in the lead role of a pilot who is tasked with transporting a high-risk offender to a court of law for legal proceedings.

The film production company, Lionsgate, is currently conducting further casting procedures and initiating worldwide distribution of the movie in anticipation of the upcoming Cannes market.

The project represents a reunion between Mel and Mark, who previously collaborated on the ‘Daddy’s Home’ series and starred together in ‘Father Stu’ last year.

Over the course of the last three decades, Gibson has directed a total of five films, one of which is the critically acclaimed ‘Braveheart’. Each of these films has enjoyed commercial success at the box office.

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Icon Productions, led by the renowned Bruce Davey, is set to co-produce the upcoming film, with Alex Lebovici from Hammerstone Studios serving as an executive producer.

According to Joe Drake, the chairman of Lionsgate movie, the combination of Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg is highly appealing due to their undeniable chemistry.

The collaboration of these exceptional talents in the production of ‘Flight Risk’ is anticipated to result in a compelling, character-driven film that will be highly suspenseful and regarded as a significant event of the year.

Furthermore, Mel Gibson is slated to assume the directorial duties for the fifth installment of the ‘Lethal Weapon’ franchise, while simultaneously reprising his portrayal of Martin Riggs, a police officer serving in the Los Angeles Police Department, in ‘Lethal Finale’.

Following the demise of the primary director Richard Donner, he has taken charge of the project and expressed contentment with the movie last year.

According to Mel’s statement to Screen Rant, the progress of the project is satisfactory, and a well-crafted screenplay that he developed is in place.

The development of the project was undertaken by Richard Donner and Richard Wenk, who utilized a highly effective template. Following Richard’s demise, I had the privilege of collaborating with the author on a few additional revisions, endeavoring to maintain the essence of Donner’s vision, as I was intimately acquainted with his preferences.

An attempt was made to replicate the desired flavor, and the outcome was satisfactory.


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