As previously described with enthusiasm, Tammy Slaton’s reliance on a wheelchair has significantly decreased in recent times.

Her mobility has significantly improved.


We had no idea the 1000-Lb Sisters star could move this fast!

As per The Sun, Slaton is currently in a romantic relationship with an individual identified as Greg Morgan.

The individual affiliated with the TLC network has reportedly been engaging in a romantic relationship with a TikTok user based in Indiana, purportedly after having initially connected on the aforementioned social media platform that centers around video content.

An insider close to the 1000-Lb Sisters cast member explained to the aforementioned outlet:

“Tammy met Greg on one of the apps, and they immediately hit it off.

The individuals in question have been engaged in a romantic relationship for a duration of approximately one month. He’s come to see her a handful of times. He takes a six-hour bus from Indianapolis to visit her in Kentucky.”

Wow, huh?

This romantic news comes just a few weeks after we learned that Tammy’s marriage to Caleb Willingham came to an end after just seven months.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, Caleb himself confirmed the split, telling folks that Tammy made the call and admitting to friends at the time:

“I’m hurt, mad, confused and alone even with others around. The author expresses gratitude for the affection, devotion, and assistance provided by others.

The estranged spouses met inside of a rehab facility in Ohio and then exchanged vows in that same building’s parking lot last November.

“They split up because Caleb hasn’t been following his diet in rehab,” The Sun previously reported.

The individual in question has experienced an increase in weight by 30 pounds and has not been adhering to their prescribed program.

A source also claimed that Willingham had promised to move closer to Kentucky after she left rehab… However, he ultimately did not execute this relocation.

Tammy and Caleb remain legally married, but the latter wrote in late April that the relationship only exists now “on paper only.”

On the other hand, according to The Sun, Morgan has already had an encounter with Slaton’s family members.

The publication’s source said the new couple stopped by sister Amy’s home for a visit this month, where Greg met Tammy’s nephews Gage, 2, and Glenn, 10 months.

“They’ve been talking regularly and they seem to really like each other, but they are trying to figure out when he’ll visit again, because things get tough around her filming schedule,” a second insider says.

One way to get around this obstacle, though?

Morgan could join the show!

When approached by In Touch Weekly and questioned about his alleged romantic involvement with Slaton, Morgan purportedly cited the television program 1000-Lb Sisters in his response to the publication.

“Tune in the next season you might get what you’re waiting for.”

Tammy is not discreetly concealing the romantic relationship.

The two have communicated over TikTok for all to see recently, with Slaton writing simply on Greg’s page: “Aww you love me.”

The Sun arrived at a conclusion while investigating the reasons behind the breakdown of Tammy and Caleb’s relationship.

“She didn’t want a long-distance relationship and certainly isn’t able to care for someone else at this point in her recovery…

Tammy’s siblings are providing her with motivation to progress forward.


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