Google has moved into yet another enormous San Jose site, significantly expanding its footprint in the Bay Area’s largest city in a shift that demonstrates how the search giant seeks ways to expand while reassessing its objectives.

The tech behemoth currently occupies at least three of four buildings on West Tasman Drive near Champion Court in a new office complex known as Google’s Tasman Campus.

This is at least the second big facility in San Jose where Google has secretly relocated staff and launched operations.

Google stated in April that it had relocated to two large office buildings on Brokaw Road in San Jose, between North First Street and Bering Drive. The buildings are two of four that Google leased from Peery Arrillaga in 2019 for a total of 729,000 square feet.

The addresses of the leased buildings that Google has relocated are 122 East Brokaw Road and 1849 Bering Drive. Google was yet to occupy the remaining four buildings in that cluster that it had leased as of late April.

Google has moved into at least three of four buildings purchased from Cisco Systems in 2020 as part of the company’s most recent expansion in San Jose.

Google paid $164.2 million for the four buildings and an attached parking facility in 2020.

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These bought properties are located at 175, 225, 255, and 285 West Tasman Drive in north San Jose. The new Google campus is close to the Champion Station on the light rail route.

The buildings Google purchased from Cisco were built more than two decades ago, in 1996, and encompass 553,000 square feet. That would be enough room for 2,200 to 2,800 Google employees.

According to a Google representative, the Tasman Campus will open at the end of 2022.

These two Google office hub expansions in north San Jose come at a time when Google is unsure when it will begin work on a proposed transit village near to the Diridon train station and SAP Center in downtown San Jose.

“While we’re assessing our real estate footprint, we’re still committed to San Jose for the long term, and we’re continuing to invest in the community and our long-term presence here,” a Google spokeswoman said.

Based in Mountain View Google says it is “reassessing the timeline” for the mixed-use downtown San Jose district known as Downtown West that it is planning.

Google has described the evaluation of the Downtown West timeframes to this news agency multiple times since February of this year. Google issued the most recent such update in late April to reaffirm the ongoing examination of the schedule.

However, the tech titan recently stated that it is completely committed to the downtown San Jose development.

Google’s Downtown West neighborhood would add millions of square feet of additional office space, thousands of homes, and stores and restaurants to the city’s western outskirts.

The two massive new Google office hubs where the firm is now functioning serve as a reminder that the company’s growth continues despite layoffs, a broad reconsideration of the company’s office and space requirements, and uncertainty over the Downtown West schedule.

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The moves by tech corporations to return to previous office locations appear to coincide with detailed tales about shifts in attitudes among companies and workers.

JLL, a commercial real estate firm, recently held a series of roundtable meetings with 50 Bay Area organizations to obtain insight into changes in their approaches to workplace returns.

“Companies want to move from mandates to magnets,” said JLL executive managing director Bart Lammersen. “They want to do more than just compel a return. They want the workplaces to be magnets that entice employees to return.”

Tech businesses are working to make offices more inviting to employees.

“Companies want to support ways for their people to be invested in the office again,” JLL senior vice president LV Hanson said.


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