According to Ed Sheeran, his stutter was “cured” by rapping along to Eminem’s 2000 album ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’.

The individual who has won a Grammy award at the age of 32, and has subsequently engaged in collaborative efforts and live performances with the renowned rap artist, has disclosed that he attributes the resolution of his speech impediment to the assistance provided by the 50-year-old artist responsible for the hit song ‘Lose Yourself’.

During his appearance on SiriusXM’s ‘The Howard Stern Show’, he reminisced about his uncle’s statement to his father, wherein he referred to him as the upcoming Bob Dylan. It is necessary to allow him to listen.

Through the process of memorizing and reciting the aforementioned record repeatedly, the individual was able to overcome their stuttering impediment.

According to Ed, Eminem’s situation is distinct as he tends to be reclusive and has limited interactions with others. I have had a six-year acquaintance with him, during which we have collaborated on three musical compositions and performed together twice in a live setting. The individual in question is someone with whom I strongly identify, given that they continue to reside in their place of origin and maintain a network of relationships within their immediate environment that supports their way of life.

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During his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year, Eminem performed his 2000 hit ‘Stan’ alongside Dido, despite initially declining the opportunity.

Ed recalled receiving the request to undertake the task. I had the opportunity to produce 14 consecutive music videos in succession. During my day off from filming the music videos, I felt compelled to accept the opportunity presented to me and declined to refuse. The individual expresses their inability to perform a certain task.

Subsequent to the completion of my music video, I expeditiously boarded a plane to attend to the song and expeditiously returned the same night. The experience proved to be highly valuable.

While reading on ‘CBeebies Bedtime Stories’ last year, the ‘Shape of You’ hitmaker admitted he feared he would never be able to get rid of his stutter.

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The individual expressed that they experienced difficulty in verbalizing their thoughts and had concerns regarding their ability to communicate without stuttering. It made me feel different.”


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