Clifford “Method Man” Smith, a Wu-Tang veteran, recently spoke on the newest episode of the Gold Minds With Kevin Hart podcast about producing Hulu’s Wu-Tang: An American Saga and the educational background behind it.

Meth, on the other hand, has not seen a single episode, despite being a key character in the story.

When asked why he no longer had any involvement with the show (thus his absence from premiere and red carpet images), he explained that creating the show became less of his vision, despite the fact that it was once “a no-brainer.”

“They were taking a lot of liberties here with the story, but in hindsight, knowing how some of these things work and embellishments and sometimes you know dudes still having open cases and sh*t like that, I can understand,” the Power Book II: Ghost star admitted.

“I haven’t watched an episode personally, but I get the scripts ahead of time, and you know, I mean, everything ain’t for everybody, that’s all I could say.”

Hart then asked the Staten Island MC why he wasn’t watching the show, to which he replied that he’d prefer keep his opinions to himself.

“I didn’t want to disrupt their process because these people are paid to do these things, you’re talking about Hulu and Imagine, and sometimes you just have to step back and keep your opinions to yourself,” he responded.

Johnny Blaze also mentioned Wu-Tang Clan’s historic label pact, which allowed members to pursue solo agreements elsewhere.

“There was never in the history of music, where a group signed as a group with the option to sign as solo artists with other labels,” Method Man remarked of RZA’s “genius.” “The one thing labels don’t do is get along with one another. They’re not going to share any money.”

“So you had me on Def Jam, GZA on Geffen, and Raekwon on the home team Loud — you had these three labels working together for our cause,” he continued. Unheard of, unbelievable. That, in terms of changing the game, is changing it right there. You have people requesting Wu-Tang deals.”

Wu-Tang: An American Saga finished its third season in April 2023. The show has received two Golden Reel Awards and an Emmy nomination. Ashton Sanders, Shameik Moore, Siddiq Saunderson, TJ Atoms, Dave East, and others appeared in the series.

Listen to Method Man discuss Wu-Tang: An American Saga above, and listen to the complete interview here.


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