Many of his famous friends are praying for Jamie Foxx.

One week after a source in the actor’s entourage told a source that “Jamie is stable and not in a life-threatening situation now,” a number of celebs are flocking to social media to express their support for Foxx, 55.

“Man, praying for Jamie Foxx,” rapper and actor Kid Cudi tweeted on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Tyler The Creator, another big figure in the music industry, published a now-deleted video to his Instagram Story, re-sharing a fan account’s video of Foxx playing his 1994 song “Infatuation” and writing that he was “sending love to” the actor and musician.

James Woods, who costarred with Foxx in the 2013 action film White House Down, recently posted a tale on Twitter about how he became acquainted with Foxx “for the kind and caring man he is.”

After recounting sustaining “a neck injury during a stunt thing,” Woods, 76, stated that Foxx “went above and beyond” to ensure he would not sustain further injury during a fight sequence they recorded weeks later.

“I asked him to be cautious, and he went above and beyond.” It was like seeing ballet! “He protected me at every turn, while making it appear to be total mayhem,” the actor wrote on Twitter, adding that Foxx “put my well-being above all else.”

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“Of course, I had always admired him as an artist, but I was honored to know him for the kind and caring man he is,” he continued.

“Please, God, keep one of our black heroes safe!!” Please send your prayers!!” Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys posted on Twitter on Wednesday.

“Can’t lose a great father, brother, son, and too many of us a hero!!” Parsons elaborated in his piece.

On Wednesday, former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III requested his Twitter followers to “please send up a prayer for Jamie Foxx and his family.”

“He is much more than a talented actor, comedian, and musician,” wrote the athlete.


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