The Syd Barrett Estate has teamed up with Syd Barrett Music Ltd to create an official YouTube channel dedicated to the late Pink Floyd frontman’s solo work.

Swedish animator Alex Teglbjaerg has created movies to complement songs such as ‘Terrapin’ and ‘Dark Globe’ from 1970’s ‘The Madcap Laugh’ and ‘Dominoes’ from ‘Barrett’.

“The channel is a natural extension of Syd Barrett’s existing online presence and will consist of artistic interpretations of his solo music, with accompanying music and lyrics,” the Estate stated in a statement. New animated music videos will be released on a regular basis in collaboration with Swedish animator Alex Teglbjaerg, well known as The Artist on the Border. It will initially concentrate on the solo songs from An Introduction To Syd Barrett (2010).”

“There is not a lot of filmed Syd Barrett out there,” Peter Barrett remarked on behalf of the family.

“Most of the material has already been seen, and the few bits that do appear are quickly placed in the digital public domain.” We wish to transfer his funny and beautiful lyrics into pictures.”

“I try to take the listener into a Syd Barrett dream of sorts,” said animator Alex. When it came to producing engaging lyrics for his songs, Syd was a master craftsman. Many times, cut-up techniques are used. That is exactly what I am aiming to do. Syd in a room with painted floorboards, I take what we take for granted and find a way to uncover more. I strive to immerse the viewer in the room by using collages and components from several sources, rather than just zooming in. However, the emphasis is not on the visuals themselves. It can be found in Syd’s music and words.”

Meanwhile, the film ‘Have You Got It Yet? ‘The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd’ will be released in UK theaters on May 15.

Roddy Bagawa and the late Storm Thorgerson are in charge.

As a teen, Syd co-founded Pink Floyd with Roger Waters and Nick Mason in 1965.

However, as he faced an addiction to psychedelic substances, he was gradually replaced by David Gilmour, who officially left the band in 1968.

He died of pancreatic cancer in 2006, at the age of 60.


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