The world will find out tomorrow whether Tory Lanez will be given a fresh trial in his case against Megan Thee Stallion, whom Lanez was convicted of shooting.

Furthermore, he and his colleagues have aggressively refuted these charges and fought the ruling. On Monday (May 8), Judge Herriford deferred a lengthy hearing in which both sides argued for a fresh proceeding or upholding the existing ruling. Furthermore, reporter Meghann Cuniff provided updates on what happened near the end of the session through Twitter.

Cuniff commented, “Court just let out for the day.” “Judge Herriford will issue his decision tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. Tory Lanez addressed him before escorting him out in handcuffs. ‘Please do not destroy my life. I might be your son. “I could be your brother,” Lanez assured the Black judge. There was no disturbance. A sheriff’s deputy was pleading with Lanez to stop talking, but it was not a major deal. Herriford remained silent, and Lanez was escorted out of the courthouse without incident. This came after a lengthy disagreement this afternoon. More information will be available soon.”

Tory Lanez Requested a New Trial from a Judge: Report

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Furthermore, the writer described some of Tory Lanez’s defense team’s arguments when arguing for a new trial. Cuniff was struck by defense attorney Jose Baez’s statement that the love triangle scenario involving him, Megan, and Kylie Jenner harmed the defense unfairly. Not only that, but he believed it was brought up purely to support the District Attorney’s narrative of the 30-year-old as a misogynistic rapper. He didn’t, however, mention that his defense was based on Kelsey Harris shooting Meg out of jealousy over their “shared romantic interest.”

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Furthermore, Cuniff stated that another counsel argued forcefully that the jury should not have heard the name “Tory Lanez” during the trial since it is a creative expression. The judge pointed out that his own lawyer referred to him in court as such. Another important point, according to the writer, is that the argument that Lanez’s DNA is missing from the pistol is not based on new evidence. It comes instead from a new analyst who analyzed the same DNA evidence that prosecutors did.


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