Snoop Dogg is not one to keep his mouth shut when it comes to controversial matters. Many problems have arisen as a result of the development of AI and AI-generated material.

Celebrities like as Snoop have expressed their concerns over viral AI-generated music. Creators use the voices of artists to create tunes with the AI. Furthermore, Snoop Dogg has been asked how he feels about an AI-created tune featuring his late friend Tupac and Biggie on a collaborative single. The Doggfather expressed his displeasure with the venture. Furthermore, he stated that he would prefer someone dig up old vocals or verses and make a cooperation CD that way.

Snoop was recently a featured speaker at the 2023 Milken Institute Global Conference. Snoop Dogg was a panelist with CEO and Gamma founder Larry Jackson. The MIGC, according to their website, is a gathering of “the best minds in the world to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.” Snoop went on a famous rant against streaming during the panel. Snoop Dogg got off when the question of streaming came up. “[Streaming is] exciting, but streaming needs to get their st together,” Snoop started. “Because I do not understand how the fk you get paid off that s**t,” the Death Row CEO said.

Snoop Dogg Demands Answers Immediately

“Can you explain how you can get a billion streams but not a billion dollars?” According to Snoop Dogg. “That makes no sense to me,” he informed the rest of the panel. He continued his outburst, admitting that he was going off script but that he needed to get some things off his chest. Snoop stated that the greatest complaint musicians have is not knowing where their money is going when they have massive streaming statistics. “We do a lot of streams, but it does not add up to money.” “What the f**k happened to the money?” Snoop inquired. He continued his outburst by stating that the statistics he was coming up with were based on physical numbers.

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Furthermore, Snoop stated that he prefers the old ways of crunching the figures for musicians. During the era of physical sales, artists (for the most part) understood exactly what they were getting. When it came to sales percentages and what the artist received from the split, it was more easier to understand than it is today.


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