Sonia Pizarro, well-known for her lead role in the reality TV program “Operation Repo,” has passed away.

Lyndah Pizarro, who was also a guest on the program, informed us that Sonia passed away peacefully in her sleep on Wednesday night in Arizona.

Froylan Tercero, a co-star on “Operation Repo,” remembers Sonia as “a bad ass chick that kicked some serious ass.”

Since I still have her name tattooed on my stomach, Froylan continues, “She will always have a place in my heart and on my body. Sonia, we love you and I will honor you with all the good mementos you gave me. Thank you and I love you.”

Although Sonia is best recognized for her work on the TruTV series, she has also appeared in films including “Repo Chick” from 2009 and most recently, “Followed” from 2018.

Sonia has experienced serious health problems in the past; in May 2018, she was hospitalized after having a stroke. Sonia did not pass away as a result of complications from the stroke, according to Lyndah.

Bryant, Brie, and Danica are Sonia’s grandchildren in addition to her three children Ruby, Robert, and Froylan Jr.

She was 60.


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