On their upcoming North American tour, The Jonas Brothers will perform songs from five of their albums each night.

Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas have made the decision to perform five of the band’s albums in their entirety on The Tour in order to build on the success of their recent Broadway residency, where they performed one album in its entirety each night.

“So, we started with Broadway, but we did five albums over five nights, a new album each night. Then, we (planned) Yankee Stadium, five albums one night. So, as we’re organizing this world tour… we’ve decided: ‘What are we doing? Why don’t we play five albums in a different city every night?'” In a video on Instagram, Nick and Joe gave an explanation.

“We could not be more excited to celebrate the release of our album, The Album, in this way, by celebrating the journey that brought us here and all of you,” Nick continued in a different video. Our most ambitious tour to date. We are incredibly eager to perform for you guys. Five albums in one night because you asked for it.

Two concerts at Yankee Stadium in New York City will serve as the Tour’s official launch on August 12. They will perform at locations all around the country over the next two months, including Wrigley Field in Chicago and Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles.

Before coming to an end on October 14 at the Kaseya Center in Miami, Florida, the tour will stop in a number of different cities and perform 35 gigs.

The Album, the group’s sixth studio album, is scheduled for release on May 12.


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