By allegedly locating the new Yeezy offices adjacent to an adidas store in Los Angeles, Kanye West has apparently taken his taunting to a new level.

The new location is situated on Melrose Avenue between Laurel and N. Edinburgh, with just a hair salon standing between the company and its former distributor, adidas, according to a post from Ye fan site Donda Times on Wednesday (May 3).

Yeezy’s last known office location was reportedly facing eviction after missing two months’ worth of rent totaling $63,254 when the news broke. When Yeezy was still known as West Brands Fashion in 2015, Ye rented the 15,000 square foot office space for the first time.

Yeezy initially committed to paying $31,477.40 per month at the lease signing and did so in full before skipping the payments for November and December. It’s not obvious if that’s the reason he relocated offices or if he actually has, but if so, it might be.

Ye, a contentious Chicago rapper, was forced to cut ties with adidas in 2022 after launching a string of antisemitic outbursts. According to reports, he and adidas came to an agreement in February 2023 under which the sportswear brand would sell off the collection’s remaining items.

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Numerous media outlets have reported that the new agreement would enable adidas to market the current product developed under their prior agreement with West. It does not, however, include any clauses that would allow the collecting to continue.

According to reports, the remaining Yeezy x adidas items are worth over $500 million.

The financial loss that resulted from the brand terminating their partnership, which is currently anticipated to be over $1.3 billion in 2023, has been directly attributed to Kanye by adidas.

A statement received by TMZ claims that the company owns a large number of Yeezy items that it is unable to sell. In November, adidas had previously stated that it intended to repurpose the designs under a different moniker.

According to the statement, adidas might lose an additional $534 million if it is unable to find new uses for the Yeezy clothing. CEO Bjrn Gulden said that “the numbers speak for themselves.”

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Gulden noted that the corporation will go through a transitional year in 2023 since “we are currently not performing the way we should.” According to reports, Kanye’s contract with adidas has a provision that stipulates the Chicago rapper would receive a smaller payment if the Yeezy clothing line was sold without his endorsement. However, adidas told TMZ it has no intention of paying Kanye another dime.


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