In honor of their 34th wedding anniversary, Jon Bon Jovi’s wife Dorothea is sharing details of their courtship.

The pair unexpectedly appeared on Tuesday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM, where Dorothea, 60, spoke with the host about their previous celebration.

When she said, “We just celebrated our 34th anniversary, Howard,” Stern congratulated them on their longevity and inquired as to how Bon Jovi, 61, had treated his wife on their special day.

What did Jon do to celebrate your 34th anniversary? Aside from making out with you that night, of course. Did Jon carry you into the bedroom that evening in his arms? questioned Stern, 69.

“Always, Howard,” Dorothea retorted sarcastically.

Howard, I told you that in the strictest of confidence, Dorothea retorted in response to the radio host’s quip that the pair only “makes love” to Bon Jovi songs.

Dorothea also discussed the beginning of her relationship with the musician, whom she famously met and started dating while still in high school.

When Stern questioned Bon Jovi at the time, Dorothea said that he was “100%” the cutest boy in school.

She continued, “Yeah, he was a rock star.” Even back in the early 1980s, he was flaunting his characteristic style.

Although Dorothea and her friends “knew he played in a band,” they weren’t particularly impressed by Bon Jovi’s extracurricular activities until she personally witnessed one of his performances, she claimed.

She told her spouse, “I just remember being impressed that you could sing.”

“Was he any good?” To Stern’s inquiry, Dorothea retorted, “He was very good.”

Even then, Dorothea’s family and friends weren’t quite sold on the two of them being a match despite his excellent talents.

Bon Jovi responded, “That was the family’s response,” as Stern joked about how it wasn’t exactly a wise decision to wed a wannabe singer at the moment.

That was everyone’s answer, said Dorothea. And I recall someone telling me a tale, to which I said, “Well, my boyfriend’s going be a rock star,” to which they responded, “Good luck with that.

Bon Jovi made his second appearance on a SiriusXM program this week with a surprise guest on Stern’s radio show. He spoke candidly on Tuesday during a chat to Andy Cohen’s Radio Andy about his son Jake Bongiovi’s most recent engagement to Millie Bobby Brown.

Cohen, 54, questioned Bon Jovi about whether he thinks his child is too young for marriage. Bon Jovi responded, “I don’t know if age matters, if you find the right partner and you grow together.”

The musician claimed he wasn’t worried because he himself wed his own longterm high school lover when he was just 25.

That would be my recommendation, he replied. “It is wise to develop together. I believe that each of my children has met someone they feel they can develop with, and we all genuinely like them.

Along with sons Jesse, 28, and Romeo, 19, and daughter Stephanie, 29, Bon Jovi and Dorothea also have son Jake, 20, and daughters.

Before praising the young actress, the singer admitted that he has “of course” watched Stranger Things, the show that gave Brown her big break in 2016.

“Millie is fantastic. Regarding his son’s fiancée, Bon Jovi said, “Her entire family is wonderful. Jake “is so, so happy.”

The two started dating in 2021 and have been notoriously open about their relationship and love for one another.

Brown, 19, referred to Jake as her “partner for life” in a New Year’s Day post in which she reflected on 2022 and its highs and lows.

The actress posted on Instagram, “Here’s to another year with you and the wonderful people and animals around us let’s do it again but better!”


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