We have a brand-new Harry Styles music video, Houston. The charming music video for “Satellite” was released by the 29-year-old pop sensation on Wednesday, May 3, making it the most recent of his Harry’s House songs to receive the single treatment.

The project, which was directed by Styles’ go-to music video partner Aube Perrie, is narrated from the viewpoint of a robot a la Wall-E that serves as an automatic vacuum cleaner backstage at one of the performer’s shows. As Styles heads out to the stage, we see him mopping the green room’s floors. Later, when the singer is mid-performance, he accidentally rolls onstage, and he is then chased off stage by a security guard.

The small vacuum leaves the location in quest of excitement and travels outside, eventually rejoining with Styles at the conclusion to go stargazing.

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The song’s fourth single, “Satellite,” will be released in May 2022 from Styles’ album Harry’s House, following the songs that each had their own music videos: “As It Was,” “Late Night Talking,” and “Music For a Sushi Restaurant,” which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 15 weeks. A Mars Rover-style robot is seen gazing at stars and exploring rocky terrain in the new music video, which was teased on Monday (May 1) by the Grammy winner’s affiliated social media pages.

The singer of “Watermelon Sugar” is presently preparing for the European phase of his ongoing Love on Tour, which began in September 2021 and is scheduled to come to an end this July after nearly two years of performances. He completed the Asian portion of the tour in late March by performing twice at Tokyo’s Ariaka Arena in Japan.

Watch the latest “Satellite” video from Harry Styles above.


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