Audience members at a LA Philharmonic Orchestra concert have stated that on Friday night (April 28), someone in the crowd made a loud, groaning sound that was allegedly an orgasm.

The incident took place as the orchestra was playing Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony. Magnus Fiennes, a composer and music producer who was present, tweeted that “a woman in the audience had [a] loud and full body orgasm during the 5th’s second movement.” “Band continued with grace. Props to LAPhil for starting it, as well as Pytor Ilyich.

However, another person who was present suggested the moan might have been something entirely different in a response to Fiennes’ tweet. “I attended. Not what actually happened. The unfortunate woman experienced some type of breakdown,” he said. We were all concerned that there had been a medical emergency when we spoke to Elim after the event (we have been friends since our days at the University of Michigan). Please show more deference.

Fiennes retorted, “I tested every scenario, including Tourettes. was nearby and had no less than 8 additional buddies who were unintentionally there; they had all come to the same conclusion. She stayed throughout the duration of the performance, and her demeanor was obvious. My backed-up assertion is only a remark. Respect is upheld.


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