Snoop Dogg claims that artificial intelligence-generated music is out of control. The renowned rapper gave his thoughts on the technology while releasing a video of A.I. Michael Jackson doing a cover of C-Murder’s popular song “Down 4 My N’s.”

In the Instagram post, Snoop stated, “This shit is outta hand,” and included the caption, “Wow.” I’ve done several things in my life that I regret. One fan said on Snoop’s post, “But I ain’t done nothing wrong enough to deserve hearing this. Another person wrote, “Proving AI can’t beat actual tangible human talent.”

At the Super Bowl LVI, Snoop Dogg

Snoop is not the first musician to make a statement on the recent emergence of A.I. music. In reaction to technology, Young Guru urged for governmental control to safeguard artists’ rights. On the one hand, I am well aware that technology cannot be stopped. You can put the genie back in the box once he’s been let out, Guru said on social media. On the other side, we must defend the rights of the creative community. not just the artists but the entire culture.

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Without your consent, no one should be able to use your name, image, or likeness. We must give this law some voice. We must draw lessons from our past errors. To go after every person who will do this would be foolish. That’s a lesson Napster taught us. I can only see changing the legislation as a solution. There are a lot of various viewpoints. The legislation in the United States may be changed tomorrow, but the internet is accessible worldwide. What a moment it is to live in.

A song by an artificial JAY-Z and a Drake and The Weeknd collaboration are two more AI tracks that have gone viral recently. Some musicians have embraced artificial intelligence (A.I.) music, while others have expressed uneasiness with the concept. Last week, JoJo praised the technology, and Grimes has urged fans to use her voice as long as she receives a cut of the revenue.


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