Snoop Dogg has heard an artificial intelligence Michael Jackson perform C-Murder’s popular song “Down 4 My N’s,” and he doesn’t like what he’s hearing.

Snoop posted the newest strange AI mashup on his Instagram account, which features enhanced and stuttering MJ vocals rapping through C-Murder’s 2010 single with Magic and The Dogg Father.

Snoop wrote in the post, “This shit is outta hand,” and included the comment, “Wow.”

Rapper Snoop is not the only one who has expressed worry about recent advancements in AI. Young Guru, 9th Wonder, and DJ Clark Kent expressed worry after a JAY-Z verse created by artificial intelligence (AI) went viral in March, and Guru called for government involvement.

The highly regarded engineer for Hov posted the artificial vocals on his own Instagram profile. To the head of Roc Nation, they practically sound identical. Guru felt that was sufficient evidence of the dangers AI was posing.

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“I’ve been attempting to convey to everyone where AI is at this time. This one caught everyone’s eye for some reason. What then do we do? On the one hand, I am well aware that technology cannot be stopped. You can put the genie back in the box after he has left it, Guru wrote.

On the other side, we must defend the rights of the creative community. not just the artists but the entire culture. Without your consent, no one should be able to use your name, image, or likeness. We must give this law some voice.

We must draw lessons from the past, he continued. To go after every person who will do this would be foolish. That’s a lesson Napster taught us. I can only see changing the legislation as a solution. There are a lot of various viewpoints. The legislation in the United States may be changed tomorrow, but the internet is accessible worldwide. What a moment it is to live in.

The DJ and 9th Wonder Guru expressed the same reaction in the comments area as did Clark Kent, who wrote “My God” and “This is terrible.”

Hi-Tek, A number of people, including Peter Gunz, Mysonne, Peter Rosenberg, and others, expressed disapproval of the idea of using AI to duplicate rappers’ sounds.

In other Snoop Dogg news, Audible has revealed that a number of Hip Hop artists would be requested to develop their own series in celebration of rap’s 50th anniversary, including him, Lil Kim, and Yasiin Bey.

Beginning the series on June 15 with Words + Music, the West Coast legend will talk about the rapper’s journey from Long Beach to the rest of the world.


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