As he fights Parkinson’s disease, which is making his life harder by the day, Michael J. Fox says he doesn’t think he’ll be around in 20 years.

In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the beloved actor—who was given a Parkinson’s diagnosis in 1991—says, bluntly, he doesn’t think he’ll survive past the age of 80 the way things are going. This makes the conversation difficult to watch.

Look it over… In a tragic account, MJF details how the condition wears down on his body over time, leading to an increase in mishaps, falls, and injuries as he ages. He still refers to Parkinson’s disease as a gift, although one that keeps on giving, as he puts it.

Mike observes that not many people have lived with Parkinson’s for as long as he has—over 30 years—but that he is fortunate to have resources close by to help him deal with it.

And yet, the guy keeps up a remarkable attitude, keeping his sense of humor and having a positive outlook on the big picture. He lives by the telling maxim that appreciation makes optimism durable. In other words, he claims that if you have something for which to be grateful, then you also have something to anticipate. And Fox says he has a lot to be thankful for.

He tells a heartwarming tale about recently viewing “Back to the Future” on TV, which he hadn’t done in years. His wife reportedly asked him what he was doing as he watched the video again, and he replied by telling her. I’m pretty excellent at it, he allegedly said to her.


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