Today (May 1), Fall Out Boy released a special vinyl edition of their most recent album, “So Much (For) Stardust,” which includes actual human tears.

The CrynylTM recordings, which were available for pre-order earlier today, were “for maximum emotional fidelity” packed with actual tears. In a creepy video posted to the band’s social media, bassist Pete Wentz was shown having tears sucked from his face with a pipette as a distorted rendition of the group’s most recent hit, “Love From The Other Side,” played.

The record was produced in a mere 50 copies. One tear-filled, double-sided LP was included in the packaging, which was housed in a gatefold box with a tissue dispenser.

Within an hour, the vinyl was all gone, but the band later revealed that they had saved a few for giveaways.

Wentz was seen using tear stick, chopping onions, and reflecting on his friendship with Patrick Stump for a secret upcoming project in an Instagram reel that Fall Out Boy released back in March.

Soon after the release of “So Much (For) Stardust,” Fall Out Boy claimed that their divisive 2018 album “MANIA” was an effort to survive in what they perceived to be an increasingly hostile environment for musicians.

Joe Trohman, the album’s guitarist, previously admitted in his 2022 autobiography None Of This Rocks that he wasn’t a major admirer of the record and therefore didn’t really contribute to its production.

Bassist Pete Wentz responded to Variety’s inquiry about whether this was what spurred the band to return to their rock origins on ‘So Much For Stardust’ by saying, “I feel like our ideas on ‘MANIA’ were taken a bit out of context. Two records ago, we were trying to figure out how to subsist while recording albums in an environment that was not particularly supportive to bands. It was similar to The Last of Us: The Pop Radio Version, with Fall Out Boy battling zombies who oppose bands.


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