Police are looking into a cyber-attack that may have affected thousands of British gun owners, sparking worries that organized crime may have targeted them in order to steal their firearms.

The National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA) stated that data belonging to some of its members had been “compromised,” and the National Crime Agency (NCA) is now evaluating the amount of danger.

The rifle owners’ organization announced on Saturday that it was providing local guns police officers with information on the attack and advised anyone with security concerns to contact authorities.

It further stated that the NCA and the South East Regional Organized Cybercrime Unit (SEROCU) were looking into the event and seeking to determine the threat the attack posed to gun owners.

According to an NSRA statement, “We have engaged with the National Crime Agency and national police firearms licensing to assess and mitigate any additional firearms risk around the data which has been compromised.”

Although it claimed the cyber-strike had targeted “legacy servers” rather than its entire database, it was unable to say who the hack had affected because the organization had “no access to the servers.”

The regulatory organization for smallbore rifle, airgun, and crossbow target shooting in the UK said, “We can [also] affirm that this incident has not compromised the membership portal, which remains secure.

The fact that gun owners’ personal information has been compromised, however, will raise concerns that it might make their homes and families targets of criminals looking for weapons.

Due to strict gun laws in the UK, firearms can be expensive on the black market and are difficult to get.

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) warned its members “to be vigilant around home security” in the wake of a data breach involving a popular website for buying and selling shotguns and rifles last year.


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