In a new countersuit, Kanye West maintains that he never cheated his ex-business manager out of a paycheck and that their arrangement was the result of stress and the divorce process.

Documents filed by Kanye and his Yeezy business were obtained by TMZ Hip Hop. In them, he argues that the agreement he made with Thomas St. John is unenforceable since he did so without the advice of a lawyer while “sleep-deprived, stressed, anxious, and under duress.”

The lawsuit claims that Ye and St. John drew up a contract placing him on a $300,000 monthly retainer when they first met in March 2022.

Kanye acknowledges that the two first connected after one of his numerous social media meltdowns, at which point St. John stepped in as a reputable business manager who could set the situation straight.

Ye acknowledges signing a contract with St. John in May 2022, but he claims he did it under duress because of his public divorce from Kim Kardashian and the significant toll it was having on him.

Ye claims that the increasing number of paparazzi encounters during the divorce led to sleep loss, worry, and anxiety.

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Ye is also upset about a provision in the “barebones” contract that barred St. John from being fired for at least the first 18 months, basically ensuring that Ye’s money would continue to be in St. John’s bank account.

Although their union lasted only about three months, Ye is so outraged that St. John had the audacity to sue him for $5.4 million in the first place that he is pleading with the judge to void the entire agreement and order St. John to return the $900,000 he has already received.


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