On his new project Jackman, Jack Harlow is talking that talk, claiming to be “the hardest white boy” to pick up a microphone since Eminem.

The new mixtape, which the Louisville rapper announced on Wednesday (April 26) and released on Friday (April 28), has a new song, “They Don’t Love It,” in which Harlow claims to have the same lyrical skills as Slim Shady.

Harlow raps on the Hollywood Cole-produced track, “Ya boy’s strivin’ to be the most dominant ever/The hardest white boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters.” Hold the remarks, I guarantee you, “because I’m honestly better than whoever popped into your head right then. They ain’t cut from the same thread as him. They don’t study, doin’ work to get ahead like him. They don’t toss and turn in the fuckin’ bed like him.”

The lyrics are an allusion to Marshall Mathers’ verse on Em’s diamond-certified hit “Lose Yourself,” in which Mathers raps: “His palms are sweaty, knees are weak, arms are heavy/ There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.”

Jack Harlow’s boastful bars sparked a lot of discussion online, with several people disputing his assertion on Twitter.

“Jack Harlow just said that he is superior to Eminem. Even though Harlow’s bars don’t hear the user state that he is “better” than Slim Shady, one user wrote, “I’m off the Jack Harlow train dude.

One person commented: “Jack harlow not better than eminem btw,” while another added:

Others praised Jack’s tenacity, and one commenter called the bar “crazy ass thing to say but gotta respect it.”

“On track 2, Jack Harlow claimed he was superior to Eminem.” one fan said, “can’t wait to see where it goes from here,” while another asserted that Jack Harlow was “this generation’s Eminem.”

Come Home the Kids Miss You, released in 2022, was followed by Jackman, which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 with an estimated 113,000 total album-equivalent units sold in its first week. When compared to Harlow’s debut album That’s What They All Say, which peaked at No. 5 back in 2020, the No. 3 ranking represented a two-spot improvement.

With the release of the latest teaser for White Men Can’t Jump, which will be released next month, Harlow is currently in his film bag despite no new songs. Along with an ensemble cast that also includes Casey Affleck and Matt Damon, Harlow was recently added to the upcoming Apple movie The Instigators.

In other news, Harlow just received the Thomas A. Edison Award in Louisville, Kentucky, his hometown.

“When people ask me where I reside, I explain that neither Atlanta nor New York are my home. I’m not a Californian. During his winning speech, he stated, “I reside in Louisville, Kentucky. “I try to make sure I let the world know if you want to do a photo shoot, if you want to take a meeting, if you want to shoot a commercial, if you want to get in the studio and make some music, you’re going to have to book that connection flight and come.”

We’re going to accomplish some amazing things in the city over the next few years, I guarantee you, he continued.


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