James Corden was the first celebrity Billie Eilish ever met, according to her.

The Bad Guy singer recalled how she made her TV performance debut on the late-night talk program back in 2017 when she was 15 during a visit on The Late Late program with James Corden on Tuesday night.

Billie expressed her excitement upon seeing James, but she also admitted to feeling “very sick” that day.

“I recall that I felt quite anxious and unwell. I felt like I was unwell doing just about anything for a long time,” she recalled. Additionally, I was quite nervous and wanted to do well, so my voice was somewhat messed up. And I recall that you came to meet us in the space, and I recall that you were like the first famous person I had ever met up close. It was incredible. I only listened to 10 all day.

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James maintained that he knew Billie, 21, would become a major star even though she hadn’t yet gained widespread recognition at the time.

“I recall that so clearly. Oh, no, no, this is an artist I’m going to watch for the rest of my life, I recalled thinking. But I do recall meeting your mom, your sibling, and your father. I feel like you or members of your family have truly spanned this entire eight years (of The Late Late Show) for me, in one way or another,” he praised. The nicest thing I can add is that you are exactly the same person I first met, as I tried to say at the beginning of the program. genuinely in your innermost self. You and your family should be proud of yourselves.

On Thursday night, The Late Late Show’s farewell episode will air.


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