Bhad Bhabie has spoken about the six tattoos she has on her body that are in honor of Chief Keef, but she intends to have them all removed.

Bhabie, who was romantically linked to Keef in 2020, talked candidly about their union on the High Low With Emrata podcast hosted by actress and model Emily Ratajkowski.

The Florida rapper got six tattoos honoring her love for Chief Keef during their brief relationship, but she now says she regrets them.

One man, she recalled, “managed to make it six times, five or six.” So, in addition to having ‘CK’ tattooed on my ankle, I also have Chief Keef’s birthday, last name, name, and nickname. Then I already have his last name. Actually, I just covered his birthday, and I have “So” written behind my ear and “Keef” written across my wrist.

She gave the reason that she had chosen to conceal Keef’s birthday as being “sick of his shit” in response to the question.

“I’m having them taken out. I’m just sick of living in my head,” she said. I’m so done with it.

Then, Bhad Bhabie discussed their alleged romance and acknowledged that Chief Keef was one among her first loves.

They were not formally dating, she added, adding, “It’s been a long run.” “However, I believe we were really close. But it was more along the lines of, I dunno, I’ve known him for a minute.

She continued, calling their time together “shit” that she shouldn’t have ever engaged in, and claimed that she was the one who left with “no rhyme or reason.”

She also acknowledged that Keef would have been 24 or 25 at the time of the relationship, whilst she was 18.

The news follows Bhad Bhabie’s declaration of love for Sosa on Twitter in February, where she also acknowledged that she knew he couldn’t tolerate her.

She wrote: “Y’all go tell Keef I’m sorry and that I love him,” followed by: “He hate me it’s cool tho imma b back.”

She also discussed the aforementioned tattoos in a screenshot of a since-deleted post that Akademiks took, writing: “Tatted on me 6x sosa the only mf I’ll ever love fr!”

Bhabie revealed more about the changes she’s made to her body in an interview with Emily Ratajkowski, including the fact that she started having plastic surgery at the age of just 16.

When she was 16 years old, “I had two rounds of [silicone] ass shots that did nothing,” she added. “I didn’t begin to develop any shape to my physique until I began putting on weight. I put on about 25 pounds in about two weeks. It simply took place. I have no idea how it occurred. I’ve never had my boobs altered. I’ve undergone lip enhancement.

The rapper of “Gucci Flip Flops” has endured years of criticism over her appearance. When she posted a few selfies on Instagram in November of last year, she was most recently accused of “Blackfishing” because of her darker-than-usual skin tone and bigger lips.

Bhabie responded on her Instagram Story, saying she had applied “light” foundation before the pictures were shot. She annotated the image of her makeup with the words “Case Closed.”


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