According to reports, the body of Los Angeles rapper MoneySign Suede was discovered inside the walls of a nearby jail.

On Wednesday (April 26), numerous sources on social media confirmed the information. The L.A. native, 22, was reportedly about to be released. Other information has not been made public.

MoneySign Suede had grand ambitions when he spoke to AllHipHop in October. He identified himself as a “young Mexican rapper from LA. I’m hoping to be one of the first Mexicans to accomplish this s### for real. I truly want to be up there, mainstream. The selected child, the Parkside baby. I aspire to be huge. I want to go down in history and become a legend. I want to appear on another album because I’m not your usual rapper.

MoneySign Suede seems to be followed by trouble. He has spent a lot of time in and out of jail. At a party that MoneySign Suede was throwing at a nearby warehouse in July 2022, a mass shooting broke out. A shooter opened fire for an unknown purpose, killing one person on the sidewalk outside and wounding two more inside the event.

After finishing a 12-month bid, he recorded his debut mixtape, Parkside Baby.

He said, “I’ve been recording this tape ever since I got out of jail.” “I was tremendously inspired just by being released from prison. My attitude was, “I’ve got to work hard for me.” In May of last year. Just trying to create the greatest music I could while out of prison. Everything came together.

He described what he had discovered while imprisoned as “insane. I could say a lot, but I can definitely say right now off the top of my head that I learnt patience. I developed a greater appreciation for the little things and my family.


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