Gregg Donovan, also known as the “Hollywood Ambassador,” has been posing for photos with tourists on the Walk of Fame in front of renowned theaters, museums, stores, and eateries for 20 years. However, he claims that recently, revenue has decreased as a result of people’s growing safety concerns.

It has become worse, according to Donovan, who spoke to KTLA. “I overhear tourists saying, ‘It’s the Walk of Shame, not the Walk of Fame. I mean, things are that horrible now.

Hollywood Boulevard and the surrounding vicinity have experienced three shootings in the last two weeks.

Shots were fired early on Sunday morning in front of the 7-Eleven at Hollywood Boulevard and Wilcox Avenue, injuring two individuals. One individual was hospitalized the previous night after shooting broke out inside the Next Door Lounge on Highland and Lexington Avenues.

On April 14, a man was shot in the head in front of visitors at Hollywood and Highland. According to witnesses, the incident was the result of a game of “Three-card Monte,” a prohibited street heist.

Local residents and workers think there are simply not enough police officers to maintain the calm.

“I notice gaming. I see violence, robbery from CVS and Target, and shooting all across Hollywood Boulevard. One local commented, “Thirty years ago, it was never like this.

“Police are not present here. According to Donovan, a guide for tours of Hollywood and celebrity residences, “I was attacked four times last year and had to call the police twice.

He says his company is struggling.

We used to be packed by 10 a.m., but now there are occasions when we are empty due to people being terrified, he explained.

People who reside close to the Walk of Fame, business owners, and employees are requesting more frequent police patrols. Mayor Karen Bass of Los Angeles stated in her State of the City speech last week that she hoped to hire 400 extra police officers, but she did not specify how they would be used.


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