Yesterday (April 23), a never-before-seen interview with the late Tupac Shakur was made public. In it, the star of popular culture discussed his intentions to “move away from music.”

Entertainment As FX’s Dear Mama docuseries, which examines the relationship the late rapper/actor had with his mother, Afeni Shakur, premiered this weekend, Tonight released the previously unseen clip.

‘Pac discussed devoting more time to acting and his movie career while putting music to the side to concentrate more on his preferred art in an interview with ET about Gridlock’d, the first posthumous silver screen release after his untimely death.

“I just want to push the envelope and work, work, work,” he pleaded. I want to start immersing myself more in acting and step away from the music more.

Shakur also discussed All Eyez for Me, the last album he released before his death and the first record he released for Death Row Records following his surprise release from a New York State Correctional Facility. He claimed that All Eyez On Me was motivated by emotions.

“The album that’s out now is just my emotions, it’s emotional, but it’s not thought-provoking,” the artist claimed. “So I want to do some thought-provoking work with my music, and if I work in the films, I can do that because I grow and learn more things and have more to talk about,” he continued.

Watch the interview video segments up top.


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