Suge Knight has an issue with Death Row Records’ new owners.

You may recall that Snoop disclosed his plans to purchase the label in 2022, not long after Trump had pardoned Michael “Harry-O” Harris. Suge Knight was surprised, though, as he thinks that false justifications were used to advance the transaction. In a TMZ interview, Suge accused Harry-O, his former business partner, of using bankruptcy fraud to steal the label from him.

First off, Suge declared that he was not sure that Snoop owned the label and that he would probably regain ownership of the collection. However, Harry-O’s involvement is his main grievance with the new proprietors. They committed fraud and filed for bankruptcy. I done nothing improper to lose my business. They went in, but the attorney failed to appear, so they received a default judgment,” he said. Suge claimed that he had already paid the judgment, even though the owners at the time claimed otherwise.

Why Does Suge Knight Beef With Death Row?

Suge continued by saying that he had lately learned that they had purchased the label from MNRK Music Group without his knowledge. “But they engaged in bankruptcy fraud, which we only confirmed last week. He said, “When they declared bankruptcy in 1995, they claimed it had nothing to do with Death Row. In the end, he declared the settlement to be “illegal.” “You can’t take the individual who did the worst crime of the century, stealing Death Row from Black people and trying to give it to White people, and believe he’ll grab Snoop and they’ll get it back. That’s not how it operates.

Suge may not be the label’s owner, but it doesn’t stop him from telling their tale. The executive recently disclosed that he is creating a brand-new series centered on his life story that will be comparable to BMF. The program will examine Suge’s ascent to notoriety as one of the most infamous figures in the music business. We’ll let you know if there are any other series updates. View the interview with Suge Knight above.


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