According to a report from Reuters, Colorado-based Biofire Tech has announced that pre-orders for its smart rifle with facial recognition and fingerprint readers are now open.

The design of the pistol attempts to stop youngsters from accidentally shooting themselves, lower suicide rates, shield cops from gun grabs, and render lost or stolen weapons useless.

Demonstration gone wrong?
Nevertheless, the prototype of the rifle twice failed to fire during a demonstration for Reuters. Biofire’s founder and CEO, Kai Kloepfer, cited the mechanical gun’s prototype and pre-production parts as the cause of the malfunction.

Kloepfer noted that the facial recognition system had worked well during prior demonstration segments and that the software and electronics had undergone extensive testing.

Now Available for Pre-Order: Smart Gun
The regular variant of the smart gun, which costs $1,499 and might be available by the second quarter of 2024, is expected to arrive to pre-order clients as early as this year’s fourth quarter, according to Reuters.

If this deadline is satisfied, it might be the first smart pistol to be commercially sold in the US since Armatix’s 2014 temporary sale. The development of smart weapons is also being pursued by other American businesses, like LodeStar Works and Free State Firearms.

Specifications for firearms

The BioFire Smart Gun, which has an electronic fire control system, is described as a semi-automatic weapon with a striker-fired action on their official website. It has a fully integrated laser sight with a peak output of 5mW at a wavelength of 635nm and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Only authorized users are able to fire the Smart Gun since it also contains a capacitive fingerprint sensor and a 3D infrared facial recognition technology. While the front sight has a non-reciprocating blade with RGB LED lighting, the rear sight has RGB light-emitting LEDs.

Depending on the type, the Smart Gun features magazines that can store up to 10 or 15 rounds. The gun also incorporates a quad-core processor with a cryptographic acceleration module, a 5″ LCD Captivate touch display, and other security features.

The Biofire Smart Gun® is a 9mm handgun secured by fingerprint and facial recognition biometrics.

Along with ANSI Z87.1 certified eye protection, active noise-cancelling hearing protection, a specially formulated cleaning kit, and a specially crafted traveling hard case for the gun, Smart Dock, and magazines, the BioFire Smart Gun also comes with a range kit.

Trustworthy Smart Guns
While many gun aficionados have expressed serious doubts about the dependability of smart firearms, Biofire insists that they are committed to creating a product that is incredibly dependable and will always unlock for authenticated users.

Gun rights and pro-gun control activists have reacted differently to the emergence of smart gun technology. Opponents claim that it might result in the government tracking gun owners, while supporters see it as a method to promote safety and decrease gun violence.

Although the idea of smart guns is not new, there have been several challenges in the past, such as dependability issues and gun lobby hostility.

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